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Institute of Contemporary Art Overview

The Institute of Contemporary Art Miami is a museum that’s located in beautiful and bright Miami, Florida. It’s in the Miami Design District’s well-known Moore Building. Plans for the construction of the museum were announced in late 2014. The museum’s board of trustees includes Elle Macpherson, Manny Kadre, Jackie Soffer (wsj.com) and Cynthia Fiske. These board members are all seasoned business professionals. Macpherson is a famed supermodel who launched Welleco, a wellness website. Kadre is the Tri-State Luxury Collection’s CEO. Fiske, lastly, is the Miami Cartier shop’s director.

Modern art is the focal point at the Institute of Contemporary Art, just as its name suggests. The objective of this museum is to display the contributions of modern artists. The museum has exhibitions that are devoted to contemporary artists such as Thomas Bayrle, Renaud Jerez, Laura Lima, Alex Bag, Virginia Overton, Ryan Sullivan and Shannon Ebner.

There are quite a few exciting programs available at the Institute of Contemporary Art, too. “ICA Speaks,” for example, is a program that concentrates on sharing ideas and artwork. “ICA Performs” is a program that concentrates on the talents of performance artists. Other programs that are available at the Institute of Contemporary Art include “ICA Ideas” and “ICA Residents.”

Education is yet another big focus for the Institute of Contemporary Art’s team. ICA Seminars are available to people of all age groups. These college-level courses are participatory events that are suitable for people who are deeply passionate about learning. The courses discuss a wide range of pertinent topics including art history from the past several decades and modern art in general.

The Institute of Contemporary Art has also organized a “Young Artists Initiative.” This is an art program that is geared toward high school students who are in ninth, tenth, eleventh or twelfth grades. The program gives young people the chance to collaborate with prominent artists. It gives them the chance to assess modern art techniques. It gives them the chance to work on their individual portfolios as well. The program’s duration is 20 weeks.

Kinky Boots’ Pride Performance Will Benefit Our Fund Foundation

Producers Daryl Roth and Hal Luftig announced June 20 that the hit musical Kinky Boots will donate a portion of all proceeds from tickets sold to the Sunday, June 26 at 3 PM Pride Weekend performance to benefit the Our Fund Foundation.

After the crime against humanity at Pulse nightclub June 12, Our Fund Foundation responded by establishing an Orlando Fund to support LGBTQ brothers and sisters in Central Florida. The Fund benefits Orlando and Central Florida’s non-profit agencies that face the task of “restoring peace, joy and wellness to Orlando’s LGBTQ community and to the greater Central Florida population,” according to a press release. The Foundation itself promotes a “culture of philanthropy by uniting donors with organizations supporting the LGBT community in Southern Florida, to help the victims and families of the recent Orlando tragedy.”

“Like so many others, the entire Kinky Boots family has been deeply affected by the tragic events that occurred in Orlando,” said Roth and Luftig in a statement. “The message of Kinky Boots is one of acceptance and tolerance.”

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Making Cranes Creative

Brian Coulter is the most powerful man in Washington. On any given night, he can change the color of the moon with the touch of his finger.

Well, at least the moon that hangs over Nationals Park.

“Sometimes people are at the game and they will call me or text me and say, ‘Hey, can you change the color of the moon?’ It makes them popular with their friends,” said Coulter, a managing partner at The JBG Companies, one of the region’s largest real estate development firms.

The 10-foot-tall, 1,300-pound moon that hangs from a crane above JBG’s 1244 South Capitol St. construction site is the latest addition in the firm’s ongoing effort to incorporate art in its projects.

Two years ago, JBG launched a mural initiative. The company commissions local and national artists to breathe creativity and color into some unsuspecting places — like parking garages, building corners and even sidewalk walls. So far, it’s put up 25 murals throughout the DMV, and has plans to complete five more this summer.

The point of the murals is to spark intrigue and interest in the building or neighborhood. “How can we really reinvigorate and make some of these places more interesting than they already are?” said Coulter about the idea behind the project.

Australian artist James Reka transformed L’Enfant Plaza’s concrete landscape into a public museum with his painting along a staircase, and D.C.-based No Kings Collective enlivened the entrance to the parking garage at JBG’s Atlantic Plumbing. Even the walls at the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases have been touched by artists.

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The Art Experience of Miami’s Fontainebleau Hotel

The management of the Miami Fontainebleau Hotel ensures that every aspect of the hotel passes rigorous standards, including their art collection that accents the Chateau Lobby. The hotel was designed by Morris Lapidus and opened to the public in 1954. The famous hotel attracted film-developers of Goldfinger and Scarface. It is a work of art itself.

The hotel’s current art program curator, Jackie Soffer (CEO of Aventura Mall), collects work only from artists who have contributed to the top collections throughout the world. They stay on top of famous art galleries and remain in constant contact with artists they admire. Their goal is providing the best, most thought-provoking experience for their guests, while complimenting Lapidus’ 20th-century design.

Their collection includes work from various artists: Damien Hirst, Alex Katz, Enoc Perez, Michael-Craig Martin, Doug Aitken, Maarten Baas, Tracy Emin, and John Baldisseri. Their most noticeable pieces are from Avi Weiwei and James Turrell.

Avi Weiwei grew up during China’s revolution and he grew up without lights or even candles, in consequence, he’s art focuses on light and space for the light to travel. The chandeliers in the lobby were created specifically for the space. Embracing the building’s historic past as contemporary updates.

Another artist, focusing on light and space is James Turrell, who was specifically commissioned for the Fontainebleau Hotel. His series, “Tall Glass” is the most technologically-advanced pieces of light works he’s done. Programmed LED panels behind etched glass provide hours of various patterns and color-changing themes. The physical apparatus of the installation is almost invisible, built into the walls. The work is the first of its kind. The one behind the main reception is the first multi-paneled work of Turrell. The pieces in VIP services Alcove is the first curved “Tall Glass” work. While one is triptych, another diptych, and the other draws attention in its own way.

Jackie Soffer and her team keep safety and durability in mind when considering pieces of art for their collection. Accepting only museum quality work from renowned artists. Most importantly, they focus on how the pieces will interact with the environment and how the guest will react, hopefully lost in thought.

How Broadway’s ‘Hamilton’ Can Save the American Movie Musical

Love them or hate them, the live action movie musical is one of the most historically important genres in American cinema.

At the birth of cinema, audiences were simply treated to moving pictures. The Lumière brothers are famous not only for inventing the cinematograph, allowing audiences to watch movies together, but for their film L’Arrivée d’un Train en Gare de la Ciotat, also known as Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat. Only 50 seconds long, this film has entered cinematic legend, supposedly frightening audiences into running out of the room due to the realism of this train pulling toward them. It was an exciting time… But that was 1896. After 30 years of moving silent pictures, creating greats like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, Hollywood was running out of ideas to really grab the attention of audiences. So, when the technology to record picture AND sound was finally crafted, Hollywood found its new draw. And we entered the world of the talkies. And the first feature-length motion picture with synchronized dialogue sequences was none other than Al Jolson’s movie musicalThe Jazz Singer.

That’s how important music and the musical is to cinema. The first chance we got with sound, we jumped straight into a musical film. And for the next several decades, musicals bringing their songs to the radio and theatre being one of the biggest sources of entertainment for Americans, the live action movie musical thrived. The Wizard of Oz. The Sound of Music. Singin’ in the Rain. The classics are too numerous to give justice in a short list, but you all know them. Many grew up with them.

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2014 Miami Art Basel Highlights

Art Basel 2014 was an interesting event. There were parties and celebrities. Also a Picasso painting got stolen. 75,000 people visited the event which had 250 galleries. Fred Snitzer had a gallery there including a Bass and Matisse. The Michael Jon gallery which had static art by Marina Abromovi. Artist Jeffrey Deitch had a party with Miley Cyrus.

There was a sculpture by Oreza and Moreno which got broke. Jackie Soffer and Craig Robins hosted a lavish dinner for architect Peter Marino, the recipient of Design Miami’s Design Visionary Award.

Unfortunately a Picasso called Visage aux Mains was stolen in an apparent elaborate eist. Police are trying to find out who did it. In terms of sales, Alexander Calder at Helly Nahmad Gallery was on sale for $35M. A $15 million Andy Warholportrait of Chairman Mao or a $3 million John Chamberlain was sold by Mnuchin Gallery. Swiss gallery Gmurzynska sold a $1 million Picasso. Leonardo DiCaprio bought a 1973 Frank Stella for $1 million from a New York gallery. Julian Shoebel showcased a collection at the Flatiron Brickell building.

More 2014 art basel highlights include:

Celebrity parties. There was billiards and an ice skating rink. There was a party at the Miami Beach Edition and then at the Deaveu hotel in North Beach.

32,000 people visited the Beach at Untitled. There was an art gallery out of East Hampton there. Also Design Miami had Nina Johnson Milewski had an exhibit called “Great Expectations,”. Johnson also had a booth at design Miami. Visitors see work by Gina Beavers, Nicolas Lobo, and Jim Drain, and other artists. Anthony Spinello and Kris Knight also have an exhibit in South Beach. His Auto Body show included 25 female artists in an old car shop.

Also there was an exhibit in Little Haiti, Florida. Clothes were used as #IHaitiBasel by New York and Miami based art collective MGKAT. There was a man selling $15 bottles of homemade rum and Pineapple Juice. Back in Miami Gallery Design’s Booth of Emmett Moore was well liked. He had pink astroturf on top and Banal designs.

Selling Your Art Online

It’s extremely easy to sell your art online, but you need to cover some steps in order to do this. If you are a new artist and you feel that your work will inspire others and people will like it, then it’s a sure thing that you need to make yourself available in the online environment.

This is easier than renting an art gallery or organizing an exposition, because it requires only an online site and an internet connection. Here is how it goes:

Create Your Image

artmaterialsIf you are an artist, then you must think of yourself as an artist. Create your online profile on a social network. Sum up your qualities in a few words. Say what makes you a good artist – the love for painting, your creativity and so on. Add whatever you believe might be of interest to the viewers. Use the pages that a social network puts at your disposal and make an interesting profile. State it clearly why you love doing art. It’s important to find the right words to create your profile. If you feel you are not up to this task, ask a friend who is good with words to help you make it.

Find Art Communities

This is another important step that you have to follow. It might depend on what level you plan to sell what you create, but no matter what that is, you surely need to have an account on an art website.

You’ll find plenty of online websites that are dedicated to presenting and selling art items, while also making their owners known throughout the world. Depending on what you make and sell, you’ll find from sites that offer crafts, to auction sites, to online store platforms, sites that help you print your art on different items (like t-shirts and mugs) or sites that offer general art.

Go Public

abstract-art-ideaEvery social platform has the option of making your profile public. This means that everyone will be able to access your page and see what you share there – photos, content, articles, pieces of yourself.

It’s a good way to promote yourself and it may help you if you see what others have done. Take a close look to a successful artist and ask yourself the right questions? Can you do a similar profile, if you have similar art? What is his/her secret? What do you like there? What don’t you like? There are so many questions that you can answer, so make a list and note the answers. Based on this, you can later build your own page.


Create a free blog and update it regularly. Write about what you do, what you have created, and the reasons behind your work. It’s a form of advertising yourself and it works wonders. Post the blog links directly on your social network page. This way you’ll attract more and more visitors, and you never know when one of your posts becomes viral – means that it is seen by millions of viewers in a short period of time.

There are lots of free marketing techniques that can be implemented, both for your blog and for your page, so search them out and follow them. It’s a great way to increase the traffic to both of them, this way increasing your visibility in the online environment.

Mail list

Add a newsletter in your blog. This way, people who like your stuff will want to find out more regularly about what is going on with you. Use it wisely, and don’t send too many mails per week. It can be done once a month or every two weeks, or when you think people might be interested in what you have recently done.

Create engaging content – write without grammar errors, add photos, calls to actions, but don’t exaggerate. People like to take notice, but they don’t like to be stressed with something.

Don’t feel disappointed if you are new to this. Come to KS Art Online to show you how it’s done!