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Selling Your Art Online

It’s extremely easy to sell your art online, but you need to cover some steps in order to do this. If you are a new artist and you feel that your work will inspire others and people will like it, then it’s a sure thing that you need to make yourself available in the online environment.

This is easier than renting an art gallery or organizing an exposition, because it requires only an online site and an internet connection. Here is how it goes:

Create Your Image

artmaterialsIf you are an artist, then you must think of yourself as an artist. Create your online profile on a social network. Sum up your qualities in a few words. Say what makes you a good artist – the love for painting, your creativity and so on. Add whatever you believe might be of interest to the viewers. Use the pages that a social network puts at your disposal and make an interesting profile. State it clearly why you love doing art. It’s important to find the right words to create your profile. If you feel you are not up to this task, ask a friend who is good with words to help you make it.

Find Art Communities

This is another important step that you have to follow. It might depend on what level you plan to sell what you create, but no matter what that is, you surely need to have an account on an art website.

You’ll find plenty of online websites that are dedicated to presenting and selling art items, while also making their owners known throughout the world. Depending on what you make and sell, you’ll find from sites that offer crafts, to auction sites, to online store platforms, sites that help you print your art on different items (like t-shirts and mugs) or sites that offer general art.

Go Public

abstract-art-ideaEvery social platform has the option of making your profile public. This means that everyone will be able to access your page and see what you share there – photos, content, articles, pieces of yourself.

It’s a good way to promote yourself and it may help you if you see what others have done. Take a close look to a successful artist and ask yourself the right questions? Can you do a similar profile, if you have similar art? What is his/her secret? What do you like there? What don’t you like? There are so many questions that you can answer, so make a list and note the answers. Based on this, you can later build your own page.


Create a free blog and update it regularly. Write about what you do, what you have created, and the reasons behind your work. It’s a form of advertising yourself and it works wonders. Post the blog links directly on your social network page. This way you’ll attract more and more visitors, and you never know when one of your posts becomes viral – means that it is seen by millions of viewers in a short period of time.

There are lots of free marketing techniques that can be implemented, both for your blog and for your page, so search them out and follow them. It’s a great way to increase the traffic to both of them, this way increasing your visibility in the online environment.

Mail list

Add a newsletter in your blog. This way, people who like your stuff will want to find out more regularly about what is going on with you. Use it wisely, and don’t send too many mails per week. It can be done once a month or every two weeks, or when you think people might be interested in what you have recently done.

Create engaging content – write without grammar errors, add photos, calls to actions, but don’t exaggerate. People like to take notice, but they don’t like to be stressed with something.

Don’t feel disappointed if you are new to this. Come to KS Art Online to show you how it’s done!